As a government school Ҵý is primarily funded for basic day to day operational costs.  There would not be any of the “extras” (services and resources beyond the government model) if it wasn’t for the way in which partnerships have been developed with other government, corporate, community and individual entities to raise philanthropic support for the school.
Through tireless networking and the belief in the motto “just do it”, the school has been transformed from an under-resourced “needy” school to a thriving school community that would rival any private college for resources, teaching and education programs and facilities.

Philanthropic/Business Partnerships

Projects established in partnership with philanthropic support include:

  • The Senior Playground Upgrade
  • Ҵý in partnership with the Pratt Foundation and State Government have developed a fully serviced performing arts centre including: performance space, audio/visual recording studio, arts room and gymnasium.
  • The Lady Brockhoff Music Centre
  • The Thiess Independent Living House
  • The Nell Griffin Information Technology Centre
  • Variety Club of Victoria/Ҵý

At every stage students are involved and enmeshed in every Community function, i.e. the Choir sings, children’s’ art work is utilised.

Educational Partnerships

  • Appointment of Prof Carl Parsons, Assoc Dean of Research, Latrobe University.  Prof. Parsons organises speech programs for 22 schools in Inner South Region.
  • Partnership through Australian Research Council with Port Phillip Specialist School, Latrobe University, Victoria University and Fildes Foundation to research Brain & Visual patterns of children with disabilities.
  • Partnership with Victorian College of Arts (VCA) and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to facilitate opportunities where all parties (and Ҵý students) can learn from each other and work together to develop a greater understanding of the arts   and people with disabilities.

Community Partnerships

In partnership with Invergowrie Foundation, Ҵý is funded to run the Fast ForWord Program for girls to develop their literacy skills through a technology based learning program. This aims to improve and develop cognitive and reading skills.  They also support a continence training program for students, which provides practical support to the mothers of our students.

If you or your business is interested in exploring how you can become a Ҵý partner, please contact the school directly on +61 3 9646 0855 or email port.phillip.ss@edumail.vic.gov.au