‘One of our aims for your child is to help them to grow relationships and learn independence through the teaching of social and life skills’.

Ҵý embraces diversity within a creative, accepting, flexible and positive environment. Read on to find out more about our unique approach incorporating VPAC and VCAL.

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) continues to be implemented at Ҵý in conjunction with the VPAC (Visual and Performing Arts Curriculum). VCAL students work alongside non VCAL students and complete work in English and Mathematics which contributes to their VCAL literacy and Numeracy outcomes. VCAL students are required to demonstrate the ability to be able to read and write for self-expression, read and write for practical purposes and read and write for knowledge.

Work Related Skills is an important VCAL unit as it teaches students about Occupational Health and Safety issues such as reading safety signs and symbols, identifying safety hazards, following safety measures and asking for help if needed.

Each year students gain a statement of attainment outlining the outcomes or units that they have successfully completed.

Student Care & Support Integrated Services

The Integrated Services Committee is responsible for ensuring that every students’ individual programs (Individualised Learning Program or ILP) is tailored to each students’ specialised needs.

The Committee is represented across the entire school community including our Principal, Assistant Principal, school social worker, School Psychologists, the Director of Integrated Services, school therapists (Art, Drama, Occupational, Speech-Language and Physiotherapist) and classroom teachers, educational support staff and specialist training staff.

Meeting twice a week to discuss issues, professional development and current research ensures that every student in the school is receiving the best possible services to meet his or her entire needs.

The utilization of an Integrated Service model is recognized as an essential part of quality services for students with disabilities and is key to Port Phillips Specialist School.