Physical Education is taught from Early Years to the Transition years. In the Early Years, students learn such skills as turn taking, comprehending and following instructions through games. Through the able assistance of the school physiotherapist the children have the opportunity to learn and practice basic stretches and exercises.

Students in the Foundation and Pathways sub schools have the opportunity to learn and practice skills from a number of sports including Soccer, Basketball and Australian Rules Football.

In Transition Years, students are again taught the rules and skills in a number of sports. On Friday afternoons a selection of students have the opportunity to play in interschool sports. This has been highly successful and not only reinforces the skills specific to the sports they learn in class, but also develops good social and team building skills.

The Aquatic Program is an engaging experience for students aimed at developing physical, social and cognitive skills in a safe and enjoyable environment. Students are given the opportunity and support to build confidence in the pool and gain respect for the water as they participate in water familiarisation, stroke development, safety and survival activities.

During these swimming sessions the main focus is on developing independence, exploring the water, active participation, developing water confidence, learning water safety skills and learning how to move through the water.

Bike Education is a very exciting and important part of the Health and Physical Education program at our school. With our extensive range of bicycles and three wheelers, there is a bike to suit every student.

The ability to ride a bike offers different benefits for different students. All experience the physical benefits which include muscle strengthening, postural control, endurance, balance and motor planning. Bike riding with family and friends is an inclusive recreational activity and great fun which are important social benefits. For many of our students, bike riding will provide them with a method of transport which will allow them community access.