Port Phillips Specialist School offers advanced facilities to help achieve our innovative approach to education. Find out more below:

Information Communication and Technology

At Ҵý, our Information Communication and Technology (ICT) continues to grow and evolve alongside research based evidence.

Our approach uses computers for educational purposes in the classroom. These include: iPads, dedicated computer lab, mobile TouchTV’s and Interactive Whiteboards to help engage and enhance classroom development.

The House

The Independent Living Skills House or ‘The House’, is a house located on the school grounds. This house, donated by THEISS is a standalone building where the students can further practise and consolidate their daily living skills through domestic activities.

Each term, students come to the house and undertake important tasks such as cooking and healthy eating, domestic tasks such as sweeping, washing dishes and laundry and personal grooming.

The Garden

Our gardens, supported by Calvert-Jones Foundation, provide students with access to growing maintaining and harvesting vegetables. These vegetables and herbs support the healthy living programs in the house, school café and canteen. In addition students develop work related skills.


Our senior playground (redeveloped 2014) offers an engaging physical space for students to develop coordination, fitness, stamina, sports skills including teamwork and social interaction.

This is a teaching and learning space.

Our junior playground supports explorative play, imaginative play, teacher directed play, physical, social and sensory development. Predominantly Early Years children access outdoor learning programs in this space.

The Peppercorn Yard is a specific space designed by Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists and caters for the diverse sensory needs of our children, this includes trampoline, swings and climbing equipment.

Aquatic and Hydrotherapy

Ҵý students enjoy having access to our school pool.

It is here our Hydrotherapy Programs are undertaken combining the skills of our aquatics teacher, physiotherapist and allied health assistant to unlock the therapeutic benefits of the water.

Our pool gives our students access to enriching sensory experiences, physical activity and water safety lessons.

Bus Shuttle to and from School

All students living within the school’s transport zone are provided with government funded transport to and from school.

Ҵý’s transport zone extends through the south-eastern suburbs of Albert Park, Malvern, Caulfield, Carnegie and St Kilda.

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